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Tim sings lead vocals on a track on Brian Hulse's new release, Cotton Mills And Shoes. It's a very sweet album that we strongly recommend.

You can check out links to three videos via our MUSIC - BRIAN page

Late Night Laments is out today.

It's available on LP and double CD formats as well as an exclusive blue vinyl with signed art print from

It's also on all the main streaming services.

JUNE 2020

It Could Be Home will be played in full on the Progressive Waves radio show in Mexico.

Tim has announced the release of his new solo album Late Night Laments, due out in August, it was co-produced by Tim and Brian.  More details on Facebook and Tim's website.

northWAll are Brian Hulse and Prof Andrew Houlton - they have 2 videos on You Tube featuring ambient music.  The latest is called passingPlace, you can see this video on our website MUSIC-BRIAN page and all the videos on the Plenty facebook page.

MAY 2020

Tim and Steven Wilson have released the first in a series of podcast which feature the dynamic duo talking about the music released in a particular year.  The first year they will be looking back on is 1980 but there are more to follow.  Check out the details on Tim's Facebook page.

APRIL 2020

Tim and Peter Chilvers have released a new album Modern Ruins.  This is a follow up to California Norfolk, which came out eighteen years ago.  Both albums are available from Burning Shed, head over to Tim's Facebook page for details and links to releases.

MARCH 2020

Tim has released a free download of an out take from his next solo album, originally written in the 1980s, The Other Side features all three members of Plenty, Tim, Brian and David and is available free from Burning Shed.  You can hear the song if you visit our Music page on this website.


This month will see the release of the Moonshot retrospective album Worlds Of Yesterday on Plane Groovy Records.  The album was curated by Tim Bowness and features David K. Jones on bass and backing vocals.  For further details, reviews and links to videos see the Plenty Facebook page.


The new album from no-man (Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson) entitled Love You To Bits is released this month on CD and Vinyl.  For details and reviews please see Tim's Facebook page.  The album is available on-line from Burning Shed and all good records stores! 

JUNE 2019

Flowers At The Scene as featured in several on-line and in-print reviews with mentions for Brian as co-producer and co-writer along with David who plays bass on 3 tracks including double bass on the title track

MAY 2019

Tim and his band featuring Brian Hulse and Michael Bearpark, will be playing shows over the next few weeks - details are on the SHOWS page - there are strong rumours that a couple of PLENTY songs will be in the Set List !

APRIL 2019

Flowers At The Scene hit the charts as follows - #5 Rock Albums, #24 Vinyl Albums, #38 Physical Album Sales and #48 UK Sales

MARCH 2019

Tim has released a third single from his forthcoming album - It's The World which can be found on his Facebook page or on You Tube - it features Peter Hammill


Tim has released a second single from his forthcoming album - Borderline which can be found on his Facebook page or on You Tube

January 2019

Tim has released the first single from his forthcoming album - I Go Deeper is the opening track from Tim's new album Flowers At The Scene.  Check out the video on our Facebook page or here on our website under MUSIC

December 2018

Tim's new solo album is called Flowers At The Scene and will be released on 1st March 2019 - Check out the full details on our Facebook page

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